Winter Weddings

Although we’re supposed to be in the throes of the great British ‘summer’ and the weather is rubbish, everybody is occupied with the EU referendum vote, Wimbledon and all the other things that happen at this time of year, life moves on, people still need great chauffeurs – and at Elite Travel Services, we think we’re pretty good, and our clients tell us so – especially in winter.

Yes, that’s right, we said winter!

Before you begin to think we’ve lost the plot, we’re a romantic bunch and like nothing better than a winter wedding.

Especially, if like the author, you love the chillier temperatures, the possibility of a bit of snow on your big day, maybe even tying your nuptials in with the Christmas and New Year festivities – no excuses for forgetting the wedding anniversary then, either!

There are practical advantages, however, to a wedding in the winter months.

Availability & Cost
Most people would prefer a spring/summer wedding, presumably because the weather is better but, this leads to high demand for services and venues at this time. Getting married in the colder months could mean that you have far more choice in the availability of your preferred venue, our chauffeurs, and even your honeymoon destination.

Because the associated services and venues may be less busy in the winter months, you may also find that the cost of your big day is considerably cheaper.

Don’t Follow the Crowd
As we’ve already said, most couples prefer getting married in the warmer spring and summer months for a variety of good reasons but that doesn’t mean you have to. Be different, break with tradition.

You can dress differently, use faux fur wraps, for example, wear a cloak, or boots. Be as individual as you want to be – it’s your day, after all. It’ll be memorable for all the right reasons – as well as different reasons.

Who said you had to wear a flowing white dress or morning suit? Who wants their wedding day to be amongst a multitude of others in the spring/summer period, making it ‘just another wedding’ to go to?

Paradoxically, if you are seeking to control the size of your gathering, a winter ceremony could be a devious way to either boost or keep the numbers to a minimum. If you know your guests well enough (and you probably do), you’ll know who’s more likely to accept or decline your invite to a wedding on a chilly winter’s day – without the awkwardness.

Winter weddings have a lot going for them, and, whatever the weather, you can always rely on Elite Travel Services to get you where you need to be, when you need to be there.

It’s what has helped make us Dorset’s favourite wedding chauffeur service for all seasons.