Why Should You Use an Elite Travel Chauffeur on your Wedding Day?

We all know that your wedding day is meant to be one of the happiest, most perfect days of your life.

With all the excitement, pomp and circumstance, speeches, reception and all the other things that need to be considered part of the day (and paid for,) your transportation might be the one thing you might be tempted to, perhaps, save a few pennies on.

The good news is that you don’t have to!

You can hire a top-notch, professional chauffeur and a magnificently appointed vehicle for your day – for less than you think, without worrying about whether the service will be up to scratch.

At Elite Travel Services, we know a thing or two about getting brides (and grooms) to their destination – after all, it’s what we do!

As Dorset’s premier wedding chauffeur company, we’d like to think that we have, over the years, built a reputation for reliability, punctuality, the quality of our cars and our drivers, which makes your choice easier – and we appreciate that you do have a choice.

But why should you hire a chauffeur anyway? Here are some of our top reasons:


You’re only going (we hope) to get married the once and so, everything should be just as you want it. You should be able to travel to your chosen venues without worrying about the logistics, whether people have been drinking etc. And, you should arrive in a vehicle that says ‘Wow!’

That’s what you’ll get when you hire a wedding chauffeur from us.


We’ll work with you to make sure you (and any passengers) are where you need to be, when you need to be.

No need to worry about getting to the church on time, finding the reception or evening venue or whether you can park. Leave that to us – we’ll be there when you need us – on time, every time. We guarantee it!


There’s nothing more decadent than having an immaculate, beautiful car involved in the pictures of the big day. Even better, a pristine, uniformed chauffeur.

The choice will be yours – all of our staff are dab hands with a camera and are happy to take as many pictures as you like – we’ll even turn up early to do it. Equally, they’re happy to assist your chosen photographer and be in them, if you wish!


We know that sometimes people get nervous going to the ceremony, we also know that after the nuptials, the happy couple might want to factor in some ‘quiet time’ & take in everything in, not to mention spending some precious together time before the next stage of the celebrations.

We’re happy to factor in any detours to meaningful places, give you time to compose yourself before or after the service – even at short notice.

We’re here to serve you – it’s what we do, so just ask!