The Rise in Airport Parking Costs

One of the biggest unexpected costs when it comes to travelling by air is not the price of flights as you might think, but in fact, the rise in airport parking fees.

Public transport can often be inconvenient and difficult – especially if you are planning to fly early in the day or have a lot of luggage with you. Meanwhile, airports are taking advantage of drivers with parking charges on the rise across the UK, as well as widespread parking restrictions covering many areas.

So how can you avoid paying extra, especially when travelling to the airport? Read on to find out how a chauffeur service can help.

Save on costs

For air travellers, the cost of driving can be especially prohibitive, whether you choose to drive there yourself, or have someone drop you off. This is because airport car parking services have seen some of the greatest price hikes, with many airports charging both for parking and for drop off services.

While both long term and short term parking charges can add extra costs to your travels, it can be far easier and more cost-efficient to travel to and from the airport with a private chauffeur instead. This ensures that you do not need to pay hefty fees to leave your car behind.

Travel at ease

Another advantage of choosing a chauffeur to go to the airport is the added
ease of travelling. Instead of having to worry about the security of your own car left behind in a crowded airport car park, a private chauffeur ensures that you can travel in security – and have a reliable and safe driver to take you home upon your return.

Choosing a private chauffeur also means that you do not need to worry about arriving in a timely fashion, as your driver will be informed of your flight details, and take you to your chosen airport in a prompt manner – taking considerations such as traffic and road issues into account. This can take the stress out of travelling, especially when you have a long haul flight or several changes ahead of you.

The added luxury and ease of having your own chauffeur to take you to the airport can make the overall experience of flying more comfortable and efficient – and save you a significant amount of money in the process too.

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