Panic Stations! Holiday Transport Arrangements

We’ve mentioned in a previously published post that there’s no better way to start your holiday from the minute you lock your front door, arrive at the airport terminal, fresh, relaxed and hassle-free, than a luxury airport transfer by Elite Travel Services.

Now that the holiday season – and the traditional Easter getaway – is fast approaching (we appreciate for some of you lucky people, it’s already started), perhaps now is the time to think about how you’re going to get to and from your chosen airport.

You would be absolutely amazed how many people leave this most basic arrangement until the last minute. You’ve packed, you’ve checked, you’ve double-checked, got your tickets – and then it begins…

The loading up of the luggage, the head-count and then the ‘I’m so stressed – did I REALLY lock the front door?’ moment.

Follow that up with a drive in traffic, getting to the airport, finding somewhere to park, catching the shuttle to the terminal and sorting the luggage at check-in. You (and your family) are probably stressed-out before you even get anywhere near the plane, never mind your hotel.

You could book a taxi, but will it be cost-effective, will all the luggage fit? Will they turn up in good time?  The effect is almost the same as if you’d driven yourself.

Once you get to your destination, all is well for the week or two, you’re tanned, relaxed, revitalised and ready to face the world.

Until you realise, your flight lands at midnight, you can’t have any alcoholic refreshment on the plane to calm yourself, a child is kicking your seat constantly and you’ve had no peace since you checked out of your hotel room.

And then when you land, you have to reverse and repeat the chaos that you had two weeks ago.

Extricate your luggage from the carousels, find a trolley, get on the shuttle, go find the car, load up and pay an extortionate fee to be released – and then drive home.

Even if you booked a taxi, will the driver find you in the terminal, will he (or she) be able to help you with your luggage, will they even turn up?

It’s just not worth it – the end of your holiday should be as enjoyable as the start.

We at Elite Travel Services, with our uniformed drivers and luxury Mercedes Benz cars, will take care of you from door-to-door, GUARANTEED!

Whether you’re based in Dorset, Wiltshire or Somerset, whether you’re flying from Bournemouth, London, Manchester or East Midlands, we’ll get you there in plenty of time, with the minimum of fuss – and we’ll even help you with your baggage into the terminal.

And, what’s more, it costs much less than you’d think.

So, don’t leave it until the last minute – for travel, airport transfers, business and wedding cars that make you feel special, there really is only one choice – Elite Travel & Chauffeur Services.

Call us on 07817 413708 to start arranging the start (and end, sadly) of your holiday journey today.