Mercedes E-class vs S-class for Chauffeur Car

At Elite Travel and Chauffeur Services, driving is what we do best.

We’re professionals and our aim is to transport you safely to your destination, with maximum efficiency and at a price you can afford.

Part of our professionalism comes from knowing our cars – intimately.

Whilst most businesses use the S-Class Mercedes, perceiving it to be more luxurious – in our opinion, it’s not the best choice, so we prefer to use the E-Class Mercedes.

And here’s why…

The S-Class is less fuel-efficient than the E-Class, largely because of the weight differential between the the two.

What this means for you, our customer, is because we have lower running costs, we can offer you a cheaper travel service whilst still maintaining quality, making sure that you arrive unruffled, calm and ready to face your day.

For example, the journey from Bournemouth to Gatwick airport could be anywhere from 116 to 124 miles, depending on the preferred route on the day, taking approximately 2:15 hours on average (ignore what Google says…).

An E-Class Mercedes would achieve 60+ mpg on a journey like this, whereas an S-Class Mercedes would use somewhere in the region of 48mpg and it all adds to the overall price of the journey that ultimately, you, the passenger, are paying for.

Some people would argue that you could let the train take the strain – but, with our uniformed, professional drivers at your service, door-to-door, why would you?

The journey times are pretty much the same but factor in the taxi (to and from the station), perhaps multiple changes of platform or station, the risk of delays, not to mention the cost – an Anytime Day Return, for example, could cost you £87.60 (source: –  well, you get the idea.

And who wants to arrive at their destination feeling stressed-out, sweaty and uncomfortable?

With Elite Travel & Chauffeur Services, you could be in one of our vehicles, reading a newspaper, perhaps sipping your beverage of choice and travelling at a time to suit you – for less than you think.

We admit it, we’re slightly biased. But why not try us for your next journey and see the difference for yourself?

For travel, airport transfers, business and wedding cars that make you feel special in the Bournemouth, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire areas, there really is only one choice – Elite Travel & Chauffeur Services.

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