How to choose the best car for your wedding day

Your wedding day is undoubtedly one of the biggest and most important days in your life – and you’ll want to make a stunning impact as you arrive!

The car you choose to take you to and from your wedding venue will be a part of your memories forever. So how do you choose the right car for you?

Read on to find out what you should think about when it comes to choosing a wedding car.

Travel in style

 The car you choose for your wedding day is no ordinary car. This is a car that is taking you on one of your biggest journeys in life – as you embark on a new future with the one you love!

It makes sense that your car should be part of the celebrations too, so it’s well worth choosing a stylish and attractive vehicle for the day.

 Make a grand entrance

 Waiting for the bride to arrive in her beautiful car is one of the most highly anticipated moments of a wedding – short of the groom’s nervous excitement as he waits for her to step in!

Your wedding car will be part of the grand entrance – and happy departure at the end of your wedding day. It’ll also play a major role in your wedding photographs – the perfect record of your happy day. Choose a car that not only looks impressive in person, but will stand out in your photo album in years to come, too.

 Vintage makes a timeless impact

 While modern cars have plenty to offer for our day to day lives, for a wedding, you may just want that little extra “oomph” that only a vintage car can provide.

Hearkening back to a golden age of beautiful design and effortless travelling, a vintage vehicle adds a hint of retro glamour and oozes with timeless appeal. No matter the style of your wedding – whether it’s a classic and traditional affair or a fun and lively contemporary ceremony, a vintage car is an ideal fit for your wedding day.

The downside of a vintage wedding car is that old cars are notoriously unreliable. You wouldn’t be the first bride to have their vintage wedding car break down on route!

Don’t forget reliability

 Last but certainly not least – you’ll also want to make sure that your wedding car will get you there on time! After all, this is one day you really can’t afford to be late.

To make sure you enjoy a smooth, effortless and efficient drive to your wedding venue or registry office, our beautifully maintained Mercedes fits the bill perfectly. Arrive in style, glamour – and right on time – before you embark on the rest of your life!