Get the Most from Your Wedding Day Chauffeur Company

At Elite Travel Services, we like to think we have all of our customer bases covered, particularly as far as our wedding day service concerned.

It is, after all, one the most important days of your life – and if it’s important to you, it’s important to us.

We know you have a choice, and the options can seem bewildering, and, traditionally, it’s the groom who’s supposed to organise the wedding transport, and let’s face it, very few of us blokes really pay attention to the finer details, even though, on occasion of impending nuptials, you really, should.

We’ve been providing Dorset brides (and grooms) with transport on the big day for years and, during that time, there are some questions that get asked over and over again.

We’d like to think you would choose us, but what questions should you be asking us? To make your life a little bit easier – admit it, you were hoping we were going to say that – these are some of the questions you should be asking, so Mr ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ this is for you – and, for that matter, the bride-to-be, too!

Is a deposit required?

Most businesses will levy a deposit at the time you make your booking, and, they will also stipulate when the remaining balance is due to be paid. Should the worst happen, and you need to cancel your booking, ask what (if any) part of your deposit is refundable.

Also, check exactly what you’re getting for your money. How long will the chauffeur & car be available to you? Who, and how many, will any vehicle carry? Can the car be decorated? Is a celebratory beverage allowed to be consumed on the way, or after for that matter?


Ask them how long they’ve been in business, and whether they have testimonials or reviews from happy couples they can show you. It may seem obvious, but check the associated website. Does it look polished and up-to-date? Are the photos on their website genuine or are they some random stock photography? Are the cars you see the cars that will be used?

Will the driver be uniformed? Are they happy to be in, or take photographs?

It’s this attention to detail that could save you heartache in the long run. If they care passionately about their website (and any other form of advertising, for that matter, as we at Elite Travel Services do), then you’re halfway to knowing that you’re in safe hands.

Plan Ahead

We like to think there’ll be no hitches on the big day of any kind, but sometimes things happen. You need to know what provision will be made in the event of, for example, a mechanical breakdown. Is the company insured, to cover you should you miss your slot, so to speak?

We’d like to reassure you that at ETS, we plan your day as meticulously as you do – we prepare for almost every eventuality, allowing you time and space to relax and enjoy your big day – we even keep a sewing kit handy, just in case!

So, when it comes to travel on your big day, do your homework, and choose Elite Travel Services, Bournemouth’s finest wedding chauffeur service.

Give us a call on 07817 413708 and see the difference a professional wedding chauffeur will make to your special day.