Finding a Professional Chauffeur

At Elite Travel & Chauffeur Services, we pride ourselves, not only on the quality of the vehicles we use but also on our staff.

We believe we have some of the best in the business but what makes a truly professional chauffeur?

Firstly, a professional chauffeur must enjoy driving and being of service to the people they are transporting. Excellent people skills are a must, along with a calm, patient but ‘can-do’ attitude.

People use chauffeurs for all sorts of reasons, but in every case, the chauffeur must make the passengers (clients) feel special whether they are a Managing Director of a Fortune 500 company or a couple on the way to a cruise to celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Chauffeurs will meet people from every avenue of life, so a good chauffeur will be able to put people at their ease, communicate and make them feel like they are the only people that matter.

It can also be a bonus if the chauffeur has some life experience behind them, maybe having been in the forces or the emergency services. Usually, due to insurance restrictions (because of the prestige nature of the vehicles used), a chauffeur will need to be at least 25 years old – but there’s no upper limit – and some of the best chauffeurs we have are of a more mature vintage because of their experience.

Although the ‘satnav’ is now commonplace, a professional chauffeur will be able to cope without one, possessing a knowledge of the areas they are working, combined with map-reading and route planning. The likelihood of a diversion, or an unplanned stop should all be all in a day’s work, with no fluster, ensuring that the passengers remain calm and comfortable at all times.

They may point out places of interest along the way, and will have factored in the need for comfort breaks, as required – again, always putting the passenger and their needs first.

Appearance is another important factor – there’s no point in having immaculate, luxury cars if your driver doesn’t take pride in their appearance. One important thing to remember is that they are not just representing the company they work for but they are also representing and projecting an image of you.

We ensure that we only pick the best people, using our extensive experience and knowledge gained over many years, so you can be sure you will receive first-class service, each and every time you use us.

We know what professional means.

We know that when you book your chauffeur-driven vehicle it has to be right – and our aim is to make sure your experience is as special and individual as you are.

For travel, airport transfers, business and wedding cars that make you feel special in the Bournemouth, Dorset, Somerset and Wiltshire areas, there really is only one choice – Elite Travel & Chauffeur Services.

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